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The debate is a group assessment, so all members of the group receive the same mark out of 15. Each group will be allowed twelve minutes. If there are two members in a group, each may speak for up to six minutes; if three members, four minutes. The first speaker should explain the question, introduce his/her group members, briefly outline the structure of the argument, and perhaps cover some of the arguments. The last speaker should concentrate on summarising the arguments and rebutting the opponents� arguments. Achieving a high mark requires that your group:

� shows a good understanding of the question and its importance, � demonstrates that you have researched the issue and identified the main arguments in support of your side of the question, � makes persuasive arguments for your side of the question, and � effectively rebuts the opposing team�s arguments.

To obtain a high mark (13-15), you should:

� not read from a script, but show you understand the issues well enough to speak mostly �ad lib�, � be passionate and enthusiastic,
� use graphs and diagrams to make illustrate your claims and keep the audience�s attention, � present a well structured argument, with the speakers� contributions fitting well together, � express the arguments in the simplest possible terms, using examples and analogies to help the audience understand. On the other hand, your team is guaranteed a low mark (7 or less) if you: � read from a script in a monotonous or halting way, suggesting that you don�t really understand the argument yourself, � make it clear from tone and body language that the issue is uninteresting and the exercise tedious, � fail to use graphs or diagrams,

� present an uncoordinated argument with speakers contradicting each other or unwittingly making the same point in different ways, �...
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