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Topics: Occupational safety and health, Safety engineering, Safety Pages: 8 (2267 words) Published: February 13, 2014
What is an occupational safety, health and environmental professional? To perform their professional functions, safety professionals must have education, training and experience in a common body of knowledge. Safety professionals need to have a fundamental knowledge of physics, chemistry, biology, physiology, statistics, mathematics, computer science, engineering mechanics, industrial processes, business, communication and psychology. Professional safety studies include industrial hygiene and toxicology, design of engineering hazard controls, fire protection, ergonomics, system and process safety, safety and health program management, accident investigation and analysis, product safety, construction safety, education and training methods, measurement of safety performance, human behavior, environmental safety and health, and safety, health and environmental laws, regulations and standards. Many safety professionals have backgrounds or advanced study in other disciplines, such as management and business administration, engineering, education, physical and social sciences and other fields. Others have advanced study in safety. This extends their expertise beyond the basics of the safety profession. Because safety is an element in all human endeavors, safety professionals perform their functions in a variety of contexts in both public and private sectors, often employing specialized knowledge and skills. Typical settings are manufacturing, insurance, risk management, government, education, consulting, construction, healthcare, engineering and design, waste management, petroleum, facilities management, retail, transportation and utilities. Within these contexts, safety professionals must adapt their functions to fit the mission, operations and climate of their employer. Not only must safety professionals acquire the knowledge and skills to perform their functions effectively in their employment context, through continuing education and training they stay current with new technologies, changes in laws and regulations, and changes in the workforce, workplace and world business, political and social climate. As part of their positions, safety professionals must plan for and manage resources and funds related to their functions. They may be responsible for supervising a diverse staff of professionals. By acquiring the knowledge and skills of the profession, developing the mind set and wisdom to act responsibly in the employment context, and keeping up with changes that affect the safety profession, the safety professional is able to perform required safety professional functions with confidence, competence and respected authority.

Functions of a Safety Professional
The major areas relating to the protection of people, property and the environment are: A. Anticipate, identify and evaluate hazardous conditions and practices. This function involves:
1. Developing methods for
Anticipating and predicting hazards from experience, historical data and other information sources. Identifying and recognizing hazards in existing or future systems, equipment, products, software, facilities, processes, operations and procedures during their expected life. c. Evaluating and assessing the probability and severity of loss events and accidents which may result from actual or potential hazards. 2. Applying these methods and conducting hazard analyses and interpreting results. 3. Reviewing, with the assistance of specialists where needed, entire systems, processes, and operations for failure modes, causes and effects of the entire system, process or operation and any subsystem or components due to: System, subsystem, or component failures.

Human error.
Incomplete or faulty decision making, judgments or administrative actions. Weaknesses in proposed or existing policies, directives, objectives or practices. 4. Reviewing, compiling, analyzing and interpreting data from accident and loss event reports and other sources regarding...
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