Employee Orientation Programs in DNA

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Employee Orientation Programs
Annette Andrade
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I. Purpose Statement

DNA believes that it is important for all new employees to have an understanding of the organization in which they work, the policies and procedures applicable to them and the benefits that they earn. DNA not only want to have an impact in the new hire but also the organization as a whole.

II. Elements of the Employee Orientation Program

a. Welcome Speech – this is a 3 to 5 minutes welcome speech conducted by the Human Resources Manager with the intention to break the ice and make the new hires feel welcome. It is also a good time for participants to introduce themselves to the group as well. The method of delivery will be face to face.

b. Cultural Integration – in this portion of the program we will discuss DNA company history, vision statement, mission statement, company values, code of ethics, and organizational chart. The method of delivery will be face to face and it will be conducted by the Human Resources Manager.

c. Payroll Information – in this portion of the orientation the Payroll Administrator will discuss how employees get paid, when they get paid and how is overtime calculated. This portion of the orientation is also face to face supported by informative video presentations.

d. Employee Benefits – in this portion of the orientation the Benefit Administrator will discuss with the new employees their statutory benefits as well as voluntary benefits. Examples of topics discussed here are Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Vacations, and Holidays etc. This will be delivered using face to face and supported by informative video presentations.

e. Company Expectations – in this area we will discuss company policies and procedures as well as work rules. We will distribute DNA’s Employee Handbooks and have employees sign acknowledgement of receipt. For example, we will discuss DNA...

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