Emotivism Act Utilitarianism

Topics: Morality, Ethics, Immanuel Kant, Philosophy, Deontological ethics, Religion / Pages: 4 (816 words) / Published: Mar 7th, 2016
There are many different ethical theories that we have learned about throughout the semester. The three theories I have decided to use with this situation are Emotivism, Act-Utilitarianism, and Ethical Egoism. With each ethical theory, I will state why I chose the theory that addresses the situation and what it would tell Sarah to do. The first theory that address the situation is Emotivism. “Emotivism is the view that moral utterances are neither true nor false but are expressions of emotions or attitudes.” (Vaughn, 31) In other words, people can disagree only in their attitude, but not in their beliefs. There is no actual good or bad with Emotivism. It’s only the expression of favorable or unfavorable emotions or attitudes toward something. …show more content…
This theory has a lot to do with emotions and if Sarah’s emotions are feeling to break into the supermarket she is going to do it for her children. I believe she would actually steal according to this theory. The second theory that address the situation is Act-Utilitarianism. “Act-Utilitarianism says that right actions are those that directly produce the greatest overall good, everyone considered.” (Vaughn, 70) With this theory, no matter the situation, a moral judgement calls for an even balance of good over evil. Depending on the consequence, breaking a promise could be right in one situation but totally wrong in another situation. With Sarah’s situation about having a disaster destroying her city and not having any food or water for herself or children. With this situation, I believe Sarah would actually steal with this Ethical Theory because she is breaking a promise in a right situation rather than just stealing because she can. She is not only helping herself but her two children as well. …show more content…
“Ethical Egoism is that the morally right action is the one that produces the most favorable balance of good over evil for oneself.” (Vaughn, 70) So in other words, the right action is the one to progress one’s own best interest with any situation. This theory is all about yourself. Asking what actions will result for the better. In this theory, Sarah would have to act in her best interest. Acting in her best interest would be to help her children by stealing food and water. She wouldn’t need to help her children, but she could steal food and water for herself as well. With this theory, I don’t think she would steal for herself. I believe she would make her kids her first

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