Emergent Literacy

Topics: Writing, Reading, Phonics Pages: 3 (743 words) Published: November 6, 2010
Emergent literacy has to do with the reading and writing behaviours seeing in a child that develop into conventional literacy. It is the behaviours one can see a child actually exhibit (practices which seem insignificant to adults), in the period between birth and the time when the child is able to read and write conventionally. The term Emergent literacy acknowledges and accepts the belief that, in a literate society, young children even below the age of two are in the process of becoming literate. It was once believed that children have no need to read and write until a certain age or stage in their life. But no matter how influential the environment, Youngster may have started the journey long ago, which began with the acquisition of the language that ends informal literacy. Children learn through active engagement at an early age which includes scribbling on paper, looking at picture books, drawing in their own way, listening and interacting with others.

A home has a significant influence on the acquisition of early literacy behaviours. In a home environment parents can set the ground for their child, by providing them with the materials necessary and which also fit the requirement of the child and the parent such as books, writing and drawing supplies. Fitting the requirement of the child means that the material should be one that engages the Childs interest by catching their attention, and fitting for the parent as in his/her eyes it is implemented to facilitate early literacy bahaviours which lead to their development. Parents can also play an important role by reading to their child, this will help the child in more ways than one, as it helps to develop the child ability to read as what he/she hear and remember is what they will repeat. They will also be able to use background knowledge which they gained from stories thus understanding the significance of what is read. This can also be a way in which parents can familiars the child with pictures of...
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