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Topics: Solaris, CLARiiON, Logical volume management Pages: 11 (2216 words) Published: April 21, 2011
#--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- # Copyright (C) by EMC Corporation, 2008-2011
# All rights reserved.


Release : EMCGrab v4.3

Release Date : October 23, 2009

Author : GSTools


On some hosts, where high I/O is a normal course of events,
running the EMCGrab utility may cause some performance
degradation when running some commands.

Best practices should prevail, such as running at off peak hours



If the EMCgrab is run with the -autoexec feature enabled and the host uses naviseccli (in case of navicli is not found) then in order to collect Clariion information, the security file should have been already created using -AddUserSecurity feature of naviseccli. If that file is absent then EMCGrab will not collect any clariion information.

If a Symmetrix is attached to a host and if the symmetrix devices are not enabled for masking then, while running the symmaskdb and symaccess commands you can encounter a message as:

"No device masking database records could be found for the specified input parameters"


****** Before running EMCgrab please take note of these ETAs ******

ETA emc108113: PowerPath 4.4 / 4.3.1: SYMCLI commands hang or fail. HBA goes Offline/Online. This issue is resolved in SAN release 4.4.9 for Solaris 8 & 9. For Solaris 10, fix included in 119130-17.

ETA emc121607: Solutions Enabler: Solaris Leadville MPxIO segments Solution Enabler communication through multi-path gatekeepers or other data devices.

Solaris 5.9: If patch 114476 is installed, if at revision 04 or less, may cause a panic when running hbainfo commands. Install patch 114476-05 or greater to prevent the panic. Ref: emc118999

ETA emc206187: Solutions Enabler: The "symmask list -hba" command hangs and EMCGrab hangs or can take hours to complete on Solaris 10.
This issue has been taken care in this grab release by replacing above command with the command "syminq hba"


****** Before running EMCgrab please take note of these ETAs ******

ETA emc111737: AIX 5.3 ML2 host crashes when pass-through I/O is performed. APAR IY70336 or AIX 5.3 ML3 resolves this issue.

ETA emc110417: AIX lspath may report a path as enabled when it has actually been removed. This may cause a system failure.
APAR IY70336 or AIX 5.3 ML3 resolves this issue.

ETA emc178626: EMC ControlCenter: Recent IBM patches to AIX may result in system crash when using ControlCenter, Solutions Enabler or inq. Contact IBM for details regarding a fix for AIX 5.2 TL10 SP4, APAR IZ11999 resolves this issue for AIX5.3 TL6 SP4,

APAR IZ11908 resolves this issue for AIX5.3 TL7 SP1,
APAR IZ13376 resolves this issue for AIX6.1 SP2.


EMCGrab v4.3 changes

1. Changes to module "emcgrab.sh" - (ALL)
a. Added "-nomsg" option to the emcgrab.sh command to allow bypassing messages file collection in full mode.

2. Changes to module "emcgrab.main" - (ALL)
a. Changes made to pick correct inq for AIX.
b. Modified subroutine "usage". This subroutine will display the description for "-nomsg" option.
c. Modified subroutine "validity". This subroutine will update time in mm/dd/yy format instead of dd/mm/yy format within the History file.

3. Changes to "tools.main" module - (ALL)
a. Modified the function...
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