Elvis Presley

Topics: Rock and roll, Elvis Presley, Country music Pages: 1 (415 words) Published: February 23, 2014
Elvis Presley was not only the “King of Rock and Roll”, but could also be said as the king of his time period. “He brought together American music from both sides of the color line and performed it with a natural hip-swiveling sexuality that made him a teen idol and a role model for generations of cool rebels.” (Pareles 438). Elvis Presley made a huge difference in the music world. There is no quesion about it. “Teens related positively to his sexiness, especially the suggestive way he swiveled his hips as he sang.” (Rubel 772). To make a difference is to make someone else’s life change greatly. Elvis changed all of music. He made rock and roll come alive. Along the way, Elvis had plenty of influences and great stories which made the amazing career he had come to a beginning. Elvis Presley sang rock and roll like no one ever had before. Elvis Presley enjoyed music from the day he was born…Almost everyone knows that Elvis Presley was a famous singer, but many people don’t fully understand what he contributed to popular music to earn his widespread fame. Elvis combined different types of music to form a style called rockabilly, which became one of the key sounds in rock ’n’ roll…To form this musical style, he fused the country-western music of the South with the rhythm and blues of African Americans and the pop music that dominated the radio and recording industries…The combination of musical genres and sounds into a new style of music was Elvis’s true gift and his contribution to popular culture. That this integration of musical styles took place just prior to the civil rights movement, prefiguring social integration, makes this moment in pop culture history seem momentous…Elvis Presley's impact on pop culture..Elvis wasn’t the first to sing in a rock ’n’ roll style, so he can’t be credited with inventing it. But, his version of this new music became widely popular during the mid-1950s. He spread rock ’n’ roll music across the country, making it popular to a wide...
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