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Rock And Roll

ROCK N’ ROLL Rock n’ Roll was a significant part of American History. It was a genre of popular music that was derived in the year of the late 1940s and the early 1950s. Rock n’ Roll consisted of Blues, Country and Gospel music. The name Rock n’ Roll did not obtain its name until the year of 1950s. Piano or saxophone were considered the lead instrument in the earliest rock and roll such as the late 1940s and early 1950s, however, these were later on replaced by guitars in the middle to the...

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History of Rock and Roll

A History Paper-Rock ‘n' Roll Many people and many styles of music influenced Rock and Roll. The styles included Blues, Jazz, Gospel, Bluegrass, Boogie-Woogie, and Rockabilly. Each was a major factor into the introduction of a new style of music called Rock ‘N' Roll. Popular music places a premium on accessibility, represents various meanings to boost both instant appeal and memorability - distinctive tunes, novel instrumental flourishes, danceable rhythms, repeated riffs - but its signal feature...

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Rock And Roll Speech

Rock and roll is a genre of popular music that originated in the Southern part of the United States during the late 1940s and early 1950s. Rock and roll is also written as rock & roll or rock’n’roll. It adopted musical styles from African American that included styles such as gospel, jump blues, jazz, boogie woogie, and rhythm and blues, along with country music. The elements of rock and roll can be heard in blues records from the 1920s and in country records of the 1930s. Nonetheless this...

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Rock N Roll

All Shook Up: How Rock ‘N’ Roll Changed America by Glenn C. Altschuler states that rock ‘n’ roll music influenced post American culture through race, sexuality and generational conflict. In order for blacks to profit during the rock ‘n’ roll era performers and promoters “bleached the music, and promoted white rock ‘n’ rollers” (p 35). American culture was sexualized by rock ‘n’ roll music and it influenced men and women’s values. Americans were also convinced that rock ‘n’ roll music reinforced...

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Rock and Roll Music in the 1950s

Rock And Roll Music in the 1950’s Stark State College of Technology Rock And Roll Music in the 1950’s Many think of the 1960s as a turning point. It was an era when everything changed. Children grew up and learned the realities of war, and death. As Bob Dylan sang, the times were changing.  And rock and roll would be something to accompany the changes. In some way, one can think of rock as a catalyst as music does turn a nation into zombies of sorts. Indeed, if rock were not so powerful...

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The Emergence of Rock n Roll

The Emergence of Rock 'n' Roll Aside from the invention of Velcro, rock 'n' roll music is one of the few things introduced in the 1950s that is still common today. There were a number of great things introduced back then, but after 60 years things tend to get outmatched or forgotten. Rock 'n' roll is not one of those forgotten things. Rock 'n' roll is still one of the most popular genres of music in the 21st century, and a lot of sub-genres have split off from that. Rock ‘n’ roll is a term that was...

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The Beginning of Rock 'N' Roll

“The Beginning of Rock ‘n’ Roll” During early January of 2000, Murray Horwitz, vice president for National Public Radio's cultural programming, and producer Elizabeth Blair wanted to conduct a survey for their listeners. The NPR staff produced the works for the ballot and requested their listeners to cast a vote for “The 100 most important American works of the 20th century.” The audience was asked for suggestions of songs ranging from symphonies to pop melodies. The ballots started rolling in,...

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Australian Rock N Roll

The immense recognition of rock and roll affected an exceptional level of social, political and cultural impact on Australian life in the post war period. Not just a musical style, rock and roll influenced lifestyles, fashion trends, dance moves, attitudes, haircuts, forms of language and political views. The influence of rock n roll, in the post war period of the 50s and 60s was indeed one of great significance to Americanised culture. Australia was also influenced by this seeing as Australia had...

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A Very Brief History of Rock and Roll

Rock and Roll has influenced everyone's life whether we like it or not. It is a style of music that has been around since the early 50's, born out of a combination of Gospel, Blues, Jazz and Country music. In the early days, Rock and Roll was a new form of music that had a very simplistic sound which also introduced the electric guitar for the first time, combined with a drummer and bassist. Since then, it has been drastically changed and evolved into a multitude of different genres including...

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Rock and Roll Started the End of Segregation in the 1940s

If there was no racial segregation in the United States during the 1940’s rock and roll may not have been created. Rock and roll had an overwhelming influence on how white teenagers and black teenagers began to intermingle with each other. The rock and roll “movement” forced bigot Major Record labels to change their business practices, ultimately helping end segregation in America. Rhythm and Blues originates from African Americans. Back in the 1940s rhythm and blues was becoming more popular, widespread...

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