Elvis Presley: He Enhanced the American Dream

Topics: African American, Rock and roll, Country music Pages: 3 (1101 words) Published: June 5, 2013
Name: Erika Villafuerte Per:1 Date: April 11,2013

Dear Memorial Committee,

Have you heard of the king of rock ‘n’ roll?? You may not have known that Elvis Presley did not just eat penut butter sandwitches all day long, he also enhanced the American dream in more ways than one. Do to his influences on americans he is a perfect candidate for a beautiful memorial from your committee. Elvis would lead to equal rights for white and black people. He brought african American music to a wider audience. Elvis served in the U.S for 18 months of active military duty in Germany. Elvis’s songs were considered “black music”. Elvis Presley enhanced the American dream he served the U.S army during wwII, he also influenced African American music but most of all Elvis Prelsey influenced America’s perception of music during the 1900’s.

He enhaced the American dream
Elvis served the US military for 2 years. He supported america in their time of greatest need and helped save lives. He let americans feel safe and live their own lives and raisse their families. Elvis Presley served the u.s army during wwII, despie all of the attentions that were offered to him he chosed to be a regular soldier. Elvis Presley was drafted into the U.S army in 1957 and served in Germany for about a year and a half. Despite beind offered the chance to enlist special services to entertain the troops and live in priority housing, elvis decided to serve as a regular soldier. When elvis was drafted ro serve the u.s army he was the most famous men in history, serving the army earned him the respect of many of his fellow soldiers and people back home, they had viewed him as a bad influence. Presley announced that he was looking forward to his military stint, saying he did not want to be treated any differently from anyone else: "The Army can do anything it wants with me."at the time the us was not involved in any conflicts or wars. With the news elvis’ forthcoming induction,...
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