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Elevator Essay

By gspiess May 29, 2011 446 Words
Hey Gaby, I just started my class online with the University of Phoenix, let me tell you a little bit about it because I know you were interested in going back to school as well. Online courses are also known as distance learning, which means that you are earning your education via online. Instead of being in a traditional classroom setting and having that face to face contact with your teacher, distance learning is student centered instructional format that allows you to take courses without having to commit to a regular campus attendance. I personally enjoy doing distance learning; so far I have been able to easily concentrate on my work. The reason why I chose to do distance learning is because I really have a hard time attending regular face to face classes due to my work schedule, very much similar to the situation you are in Gaby. Just like your goals I want to continue to pursue my degree further and I didn’t want to stop attending school so I chose this avenue. Distance learning is a field where instructional systems are designed to deliver education to students who are not able to physically be in classroom site. In my opinion I think you would enjoy distance learning and you would be able to focus a lot easier. I really enjoy doing it because I love working with computers, some people say that they do not like it but most people that I have spoken to say that they really enjoy it as well. You should really try it I truly recommend it; I was scared at first because I was concerned about having questions that I would like to ask my teacher in person and via online you do not have that opportunity. The method used to communicate with your professor and or classmates is through forums and thread discussions. In these forums and threads you post your questions and responses to other posts as well, somewhat like a live chat room. This is referred to as asynchronous communication; because you are not receiving feedback onsite like you would in a regular face to face classroom. To be honest with you it was a little frustrating learning how to navigate thru everything but once I had spoken to my advisors and they explained to me how everything worked things went so much smoother. As the time has gone by I have gotten the hang of it and I think you would pick up the process pretty easily too. Hope that this information has shown you that there is a way for you to continue your education just like I am.  


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