Elements of Success

Topics: Management, Strategic management, Management consulting Pages: 1 (253 words) Published: March 14, 2009
Six Elements of Success

1. Identify your competitive advantage.
2. Create a dynamic marketing plan.
3. Go back to school.
4. Learn how to write a proposal.
5. Price your services.
6. Position your practice.

Consulting Comparisons:
1. How Do I Work as a Management Consultant?
2. Missing Dimension: Managing Customer Perception
The first article focuses on what it takes to become a successful management consultant by being able to work well with business teams, analyzing business processes and performance, and identifying areas of improvement. The second article’s theme is based on developing good customer service and how they perceive the effectiveness of a business, building effective relationships within businesses, building trust and communication, and providing for risk/error management. Article one targets the individual consultant and their efforts rather than in article two, where the focus is on a consulting firm working with a corporation or company team members. The six elements of success are suggested for how a management consultant can maximize their opportunities, where as the second article promotes improving the customers’ perception of the service they receive from a business.

I can see how both articles contain helpful suggestions for creating success regardless whether you are an individual management consultant or a consulting firm. Both an individual consultant and a consulting firm could implement any and all elements of both consulting ideologies. Planning, professionalism, price, and positioning go hand-in-hand with excellent customer service and communication to bring about success and profitability for any business.
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