Electronics and the Important Effects It Has on Life.

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In today’s world there is not one aspect of life that electronics do not touch. Since we have been looking for our lives to be simpler and easier we have been heading for a life full of electronics. Things are invented just to make one’s life go quicker or make one’s life easier. There have also been many good developments from electronics, as in medical advancements, food safety, travel, work and entertainment. One cannot look into any field without it having some type of electronics involved with it.

One of the most touched fields is medicine, there have been improvement to extend a person’s life. Some of the electronics that have been invented are those such as the pace maker, dialysis machine, and blood sugar meter. Without these items many would not have the proper care to make their lives much better and this would also mean shorting of lives. Pace markers help those with heart conditions who otherwise would not have something to keep beats regulated. Dialysis machines help those with kidney damage let them lead a health life until a proper kidney is found for them. Blood meters help those with diabetes have better control of their sugar levels, this will help stop the damage that diabetes can cause.

Other advancements in the medical field are that research into importing people’s health range from discovering vaccines, for illness that in the past could have killed us, to making stem cells for skin cells (“Scientists Use Skin”). In 2000, the human genome was discovered with the advent of technology that would have never be possible otherwise, now one can read the complete set of human genetic information (“The Tops 10 Medical Advances”). The internet can now be used to gather information on a disease in mere minutes, unlike before that would take days, to better help the patient understand their ailment. Another of the wonders of electronics is the speed in which blood samples can be processed, what use to take days in the past now days takes only hours, making health care much more efficient. The advent of technology has taken a lot of the guess work out of medical diagnose.

In the food industry the electronical marvels have made growing produce, pest control and safety so much better. In many parts of the world crops can be grown all year long something that could not be done before. Once a big problem pest have been controlled by the by the advantage of crop duster and systems that can mix the right poisons to be more efficient. Irradiation of food now can take care of fungi, bacteria and insects (“Food Irradiation”). With freezing and the refrigerators crops can be frozen to make their shelf life so much longer. This means that people can now have better quality of food for much less.

Electronic pest control has come a long way making the use of pesticides obsolete. There are items that produce supersonic sound wave meant only for the pest to hear and be chased away for the area it covers. The electronics in components in a harvester can monitor how low or high the arms must be to gather the most crops, how fast to move and how many crops have been harvested. Technology has also made it easier to process food from cleaning it to freezing it to be shipped to stores or warehouses. Once vegetables could only be kept for long periods of time by pickling, but this would change the flavor of the vegetables, now we can freeze and even freezed dry food so they may last much longer without altering the taste. People today can even sample food from around the world, something that could not be done many years ago.

With the invention of the personnel computer and the internet one can now plan trips on their own and search for the right price on something needed. Planes, cars and trains now have the ability to know just where they are with a GPS (Global Positioning System), making getting lost a thing of the past and know just when they will arrive more accurate which help people with making plans. Fuel...

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