Electronic Medical Record and Record Management

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Record Management System can help a hotel to manage and assure effectiveness of the records with avoiding loss of data. It has a centralized database which all records can be accessed easily than practiced that will sure to make the company’s productivity time faster. Information of members, historical records, recent records, validation records can now be accessed easily with the use of the Computer-Based Information System. It lessens the use of papers, record books and large file case cabinets that will help a lot in space saving. It maximizes the effort used by the office users because all processes are done automatically and no manual handling of the system. It is important to consider the new and alternative ways to manage the hotel’s information especially the confidential records of the company. The compassionate and confidential information are just a few of the benefits that the system offers that can expect to receive when utilizing the information management and records of the company. 1. INTRODUCTION

1.2 Project Context
Circle Island Resorts brings you a place for fun and play for you to relax and unwind after your weeklong days from work or to just get away from daily life routines. By this, being Philippines a developing country, Circle Island Hotels mostly caters to students, businessmen from the province as well as tourist who choose cheaper accommodation. Circle Island Hotel is a company that handles records for business transactions and other business services that they offer. Facilitators use a simple system in the office to store documents, manage and save information. Alone with the existing, devoid of a working server and database to contain information, it is only evident that people in the office double time in saving the files from the system and update both of the documents saved in different locations. Bernadette Ann Sanchez

2308 Alcalde St. GagalanginTondo, Manila

The main problem of Circle Island Hotel is how to keep the record that will not consume a lot of time in managing the data. 1.2 Purpose and Description
The Record Management System for Circle Island Hotel is a system to secure and manage all the records that are covered by the hotel but also preventing the loss and redundancy of records that provides quality to the hotel. The purpose of this system is not only keeps the record of various people like customers, manager etc. but as well as it reduce the extensive paper work in the proposed system. 1.2.1 For the Users

This study can minimize the lost of records that are recorded by the users. It also helps the user to minimize paper works and to have an efficient record that the hotel will output.. 1.2.2 For the Developers

This study will help to upgrade or to make some updates for their current Records Management Systems. It will make the developers have some idea on how will they do an updated Record management System.

1.2.3 For the Researcher
This study can acquire the researchers how to manage multi records in a single system.

1.3 Objectives
1.3.1 General Objectives
The objective of this project is to be able to assist Circle Island Hotel facilitators in managing the information using a computerized system which will help them organize and store information. 1.3.2 Specific Objective

* To create a system that can keep the records and prevent loss of information.

* To generate a computerized system that willimprove the services and lower the costs of the hotel.

* To manage the hotel business records and information more efficient. * To minimize the paper works and to have an efficient record that the hotel will output. 1.4 Scope and Limitations
The study is all about the record management system that will help the organization to manage data of members and services. The study includes the similarities and differences of the new system and the old system. The problems occurring in the old manual...
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