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By the beginning of this 21st century, where the standard of education just keeps on rising and where man wants to touch the boundaries of this sky to that here I am shocked to see the high level indulgence of media in human life today. It is effecting the human minds with a pretty rapid speed and its influence is now so mixed up in our blood and veins that as human life seems to be at a loss or incomplete with out the favor of it. RELATED ARTICLES

Regulating Social Media in the Workplace
Impact Of Mass Media On Adolescent Health: ''the Dark Side'' Social Media Behavior Converging Around Product Evaluation and Referrals Impacts of Food Product Advertisements of Pakistan Television on the Eating Habits of Children It is no doubt a highly debatable topic whether the role and impacts of media is positive and constructive towards our society or it is a slow and gradual poisoning of minds polluting agents for our lives. As we all know that a society and specially our youth are directly influenced by media so in order to get the actual report I conducted a survey on "Impacts of Media On society" which helped me a lot to get a consensus and report on this topic. A number of things constitute a society. In order to get more concise and accurate results I divided our survey with respect to three things: 1. According to age of individual

2. According to the designation of individual
3. Net results and views of people
Positive impacts:
It has power to speak against wrong things and events of the society. A major source of awareness.
Our world has become a global village with the courtesy of media. Exposes many corruption cases and injustices taking place in the society. Gives new ideas about the way of living, style, fashion and modernize our culture. Negative impacts:

TV shows and dramas are copying western culture and leaving a very wrong impact and immaterialist culture upon the minds of especially young generation. The accessibility to Internet and messaging services has given an un-restricted freedom causing bad cases in the society. Its focus is always on the exaggeration of any event regardless of the indulgence of wrong propaganda creating panic in the society. News channels creating frustration by making hype of anything. MY RESULTS:

I concluded the result with respect to three basis. Let's have a look on them. ACCORDING TO AGE:
When I concluded the survey report with respect to age of individuals following result was found: 
In 18-25 years old people:
51% believes that it depends upon the usage of it.
40.5% believes that its impacts are destructive
8.6% people with a very small ratio believes that media is playing a constructive and positive role. In 26-40 years old people:
29.4% believes that it depends upon how the person uses it
47% people votes for the negative impacts of it
23.5% people agree with the significant and positive role of it. In 41-60 years old people:
18.18% says that it totally depends upon the usage of it
9.09% says that its role is not appropriate or is leading towards destruction 72.72% people say that the media is doing a good job and is very positive. CONCLUSION:
Our youth is not so much inclined towards the favor of media and majority says that it depends upon how individual use it and if one wants to get benefit from it he can on other hand if one want to ruin itself through different ways media would become a source of his destruction but here I noticed a strange behavior when we move upward in the age of people it is noticed that there are more people who are in favor of media and consider it a blessing of science as I found that more than 72% of the people ranging from 41-60 years are in favor of media. ACCORDING TO DESIGNATION:

When I concluded the survey report with respect to the designation of individuals following result was found: STUDENTS' OPINION:
51% says that it depends upon the usage of it.
39% says that it is playing a negative role...
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