Eldest: Conflict Report

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In the book I am reading, Eldest, there is a man vs. himself conflict. The main character, Eragon, is mad at himself for doing something unspeakable. While in Farthen Dûr, Eragon tried ‘blessing’ a child named Elva. But all he did was cause her future to be rocky. He spoke this phrase: “atra guliä un ilian tauthr ono un atra ono waíse skölir fra rauthr” (p. 671), which translates to: may luck and happiness follow you and may you be a shield from misfortune. He accidently said skölir instead of saying sköliro (shield instead of shielded). And Saphira gave Elva a gedwëy ignasia as a blessing, which gave Elva powers over magic. So Elva became a sponge to anyone’s emotions. If someone felt heartbroken, so did Elva. When Eragon realized what he had done, he was depressed by it. Eragon had a man vs. himself conflict.

One time I had a man vs. himself conflict also. I was at a soccer game, and I was playing goal keeper. This girl was coming barreling down the field and she was very tall, so I got scared that she would kick it so hard that the ball would hit me in the face. So when she kicked the ball, it came flying towards my face (look who was right), so I ducked. But afterwards, I felt so guilty, because we lost the game because of it. Everyone was mad at me for ducking. I had my own man vs. himself conflict.
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