Elaborate Rehearsal

Topics: Thought, Ontology, Concept Pages: 2 (425 words) Published: October 17, 2012
Elaborate Rehearsal
Elaborate rehearsal is a good way to help people memorize new things (knowledge or hard concept). It is a technique to remember some hard stuff, and is much more effective and efficient than just reciting information repeatedly. The information organized in our mind is based on a schema; a schema is a collection of linked concepts. When we think about one thing we will also think about something else that relates to it. For example, talking about coffee, we will also mention sugar and cream; talking about penile, we will think about lead and eraser. Then, let’s talk about concept accessibility. It influences our ability of picking the information, which has already existed in our mind. There are three important factors that will influence concept accessibility. First, frequency of access, the more we use a concept, the higher accessibility to this concept we have. Then, emotion significance, some objects may be unforgettable in our mind because of a special experience . Finally, recent of access, if we talk about one things a lot recently, this object will have a high accessibility. Elaborate rehearsal was based on the concept of accessibility and schema. When we trying to memorize some hard formula or concept, we can try to use something relate to it to help us remember. For example, in China, a high school teacher writes a chemical song to help student memorize chemical formula. The melody comes from a famous popular song. The popular music has a very high accessibility. By this way, students can memorize these formula much more easily than just recite. There is also a Brain Song in Youtube, it helps us to remember our brain’s structure and functions. Learning a new language is always a tough process, and vocabulary was the most difficult part. People came up with several good ways to recite vocabulary, like using etyma and affix. For example, lunar was the affix of moon, the words used this affix including sublunary, superlunary...
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