Egyptian Economy Grade 5

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Egyptian Economy

The Egyptian civilization lasted for more than 3000 years, longer than any other. This fact indicates a great economical system which, they had. They did not use money but instead they traded goods of equal value. An example being five sheets and a sack of corn would be exchanged for a donkey and two pairs of sandals. Many factors contributed to the economy how ever the main one was farming and agriculture.

By looking at Egypt’s land, which is surrounded by desert, no one would ever think farming would be easy. The Nile River makes this all possible because each year the waters flood the land on each side. When this happens it leaves behind a rich soil that is ideal for producing a large variety of crops. Without the Nile River Egypt with little or no rain fall it would be nearly impossible to live there. The muddy land left behind after the flood happens, also provides a building material for houses . The Nile was also their main highway for transporting, exporting and importing their goods. Ancient Egyptian successful farming produced a surplus of food allowed them to spend time retrieving other rescores found in the desert. These rescores were: stone for great buildings, precious stones for jewelry, gold and copper. In the flooding season ordinary people had to also offer their services to the Pharaoh by helping build pyramids or temples and other structures.

In Ancient Egypt, farmers, along with most people who worked, were taxed by the Pharaoh. The Pharaoh had many people working for him which looked after many areas of governing and ensured that rules were followed and order was maintained throughout the country.

The citizens of this civilization were joyful people with plenty of food and opportunities to work and actually climb up in society if they worked hard enough. Most people were farmers and the order of class went as followed:

The success of Egypt’s economy was due to the...
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