GKE 1 Task 1

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The Nile River was a great contributing factor in the development of early Egypt. It is the country’s longest running river, and runs right through Egypt. The location of the river added convenience, which aided agricultural abilities helping to boost civilization. Farmers used the water for irrigation since most of Egypt is dry. During the long rainy season, the Nile would flood. When the flood occurred it would drop deposits of silt, a rich soil ideal for growing crops. The farmers would then spend long, laborious hours cultivating and preparing the land for planting. They also spent time making dikes and ditches to retain the water for irrigation uses throughout the rest of the year. This allowed for the harvesting of abundant crops. Agriculture was just one bonus for the early civilization along the Nile River. The river also provided a means of transportation. It gave inhabitants the ability to transport good from one community to the next. Without this resource, Ancient Egypt would never have been able to exist, as all living things need water to thrive and grow. The spread of culture and availability of resources would have also been scarce. The Nile contributed major aspects, important for mankind and wildlife to be able to live in Egypt. (Orlin, 2010) B.

Diffusion is the spread of something from one area where they are concentrated to other areas. (https://wsd3.wgu.edu/FAQManager/?c=gkt1&action=article&cat_id=001001&id=2&lang=) The diffusion of the potato has many different views and many tales. The domestication of the potato is said to have been around the year 10,000 BCE near the Andes mountain range. The potato was the most important crop in the Incan Empire. A story states, in 1577, Sir Frances Drake bartered with Indians for potatoes and took them on his voyage and introduced them to Northern Europe. They reached Bolivia by way of Spanish discovering silver....
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