Effects of Trade Unions on an Organization

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For several years white settlers were able to sabotage all efforts of permiting the growth of trade unions.The colonial government attitude towards thetrade unions in kenya was for sometime very hostile because of the belief that trade union activities meant violence,rioting and communism.Until 1955,the kenya government was fighting against the building of a trade union and only in that year did it declare(following justice windham’s recommendations)that it was its policy to help build the movements.

The Dockworkers union started in 1954,during that period it had 12,000 members who only came from mombasa.Its main objective is to secure a complete organization in the union of all workers employed in the port industry and endevour to maintain just and proper rates of wages,hours of work and other conditions of labour and gen erally to protect the interest of members


The dockworkers union has emerged to be one of the leading and active trade unions in the country fightig for the rights of its members and winning all disputes fowarded to the employers and industrial courts adhering to the objectives of the union and total assurance of union members to their staff functions in their offices.It has been observed that management of the union has shown some aspect of failure,among the failures are no new members are joining the union ,the meetings which are supposed to be held annualy are not held anymore the main objectives of the union are not adhered to by the management,the grievances of the workers are not taken seriously by the union and finally there is great mismanagement of funds.


I. To find out the activities of the trade union movement

II. To establish if the grievances of the dock workesr are being addressed by the union

III. To establish if the leadership of the dock workers union has affected the perfomance of the union.

IV. To investigate whether there is mismanagement of funds in the union.

V. To make policy reccomendations based on the findings of the above(i-iv)

1.4 Research questions

The study will seek to answer the following questions;

Q1 Are the grievances of the members of the dock workers union being properly addressed

Q2 Is the leadership of the day influence the efffectiveness of the dock workers union

Q3 are the funds of the union being properly managed

Q4Is the union recruiting more members and is the management adhereing to its objectives


Trade union activities have negatively contributed to its ineffectiveness

1.6 Importance of the study

The research will benefit both the future office bearers of the union and supervisors in their decision making process for the effectiveness and to formulate proper management policies of the organization and also how to carry on their activities and making them effective.The central organization of trade unions(COTU) can borrow from the findings of the study and advice its members on how to make their activities effective.The research will also guide future researchers to add either on the findings of the study in building their literature review or to prove what has been done

1.7 scope of the study

The research will cover the aspct of management(kenya ports authority as company and emloyer),the employees of the kenya ports authority who are members of the union and staff membrs of the dock workers union in mombasa area.

Limitations of the study

During the study the following limitations might be expirienced

✓ Lack of cooperation from the interviewers

✓ Negative or no response at all fro the people being interviewed

✓ Difficulty in enclosing of some confidential information or materials by the members

✓ Hostility by the management on some...

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