Effects of tourism in Dubai

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The Effects of Tourism on Dubai
Ten years ago, if you had asked someone in Paris to show you Dubai on a world map, it is possible that they would not have known where it was. Today, however, things are different. Dubai is now considered an international tourist hot spot, attracting millions of visitors each year. This success, which is largely the result of careful marketing, has resulted in some dramatic changes in Duabi.

One of the main reasons for the recent increase in tourism is that Dubai has launched a massive tourism campaign* in the overseas media*. The Dubai tourism industry has shown on world televsion images of falcons hunting in the desert and tourists relaxing on the Burj Al Arab beaches. These stunning pictures have created a lot of interest amongst foreigners looking for a luxury beach holiday in an exotic land. It has resulted in more and more tourists coming to Dubai each year.

This increase in tourism has brought with it many changes. One of the most important effects is on the local economy.The tourist dollar ($) is now a significant* part of the local economy; something which is very important when we think about the uncertain future of income from oil. As a result of this increase in tourist numbers, not only are more and more hotels being built, but there are also many new apartment blocks being built for foreigners who want to visit for longer than a short holiday. These buildings are changing the face of Dubai.

In summary, Dubai's tourism boom* has resulted from a successful marketing campaign, and it has resulted in a dramatic change in the skyline and shoreline* of Dubai. If it continues like this, who knows what the Dubai of 2015 will look like.

* campaign = promotion
* overseas media = foreign TV and newspapers
* significant = important
* shoreline = coast / sea
* boom = a big increase

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