Effects of Religion

Topics: Religion, God, Mind control Pages: 2 (587 words) Published: February 17, 2014
Effects of Religion

Effects of Religion
There are various religious beliefs that have been a standing force in this country for hundreds of thousands of years. Religion is known to unite and divide various cultures in numerous societies around the world. The power of religion can be used to manifest or impose negative outlooks, perspectives, habits, actions, and lives by manipulating or altering religious facts and beliefs. The amendments for freedom of speech and the press helped to launch organized religion in this country. According to Fisher (2014), “Surely religions have the potential for creating harmony in society, for they all teach social virtues such as love, compassion, altruism, justice, and discipline over our desires and emotions.” (Living Religions, p. 4). This may be the true basis behind organized religion but, there are cults formed and devilish actions made in the name of religion when it is used or interpreted wrong. Take for instance the fact that a mentally impaired person can interpret the words of the bible to mean that they are a chosen angel of GOD sent to cleanse the world of evil and decide to start killing other people. Another instance where religion can fall astray is when it forms a cult. There are instances where they practice polygamy, incest, and sacrifices which leads them to take innocent lives in the name of GOD and their religious practices.

The Waco massacre of 1993 was formed by David Koresh. Here the leader used the book of Revelations and the seven seals as his motivational factor to get his followers to commit and follow through with his religious mission. The rational thinking of cult members hinges on the mind manipulation of the leader of that cult. Brain washing or mind control techniques are some manipulating tools that the cult members may endure without their knowledge and fall victim to the twisted views, beliefs, and behavior of the cult. According to Roland (2013), “This was...
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