Effects Of Recycling

Topics: Carbon dioxide, Greenhouse gas, Recycling Pages: 4 (770 words) Published: March 14, 2015
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Considering the effect of scientific and technological inventions, the concept of waste to wealth is an environmental issue.

1. Climate Change
When processing the original (virgin) material, the amount of energy expended in their extraction as well as transportation usually involve burning fuels which sources of greenhouse gas emissions. Although production of goods through recycling requires use of energy as well, the amount required is much less than what would be required for extracting, manufacturing and transporting the original materials. Also, to a large extent, the process of waste to wealth reduces the production of large quantities of greenhouse gases emitted from incinerators and landfills. Waste-to- wealth project through recycling also soaks up carbon dioxide from the air as it slows down the rate of deforestation which serves as carbon sink. 2. Water Pollution

Recycling reduces water pollution in many ways. Many harmful waste and chemicals are dumped in bodies of water because we produce a lot of trash. Recycling reduces this trash. Our dumping of this trash in the ocean affect many aquatic animals. About three hundred billion pounds of plastic is produced altogether in the world, and only a small portion is recycled, while most of the remaining are dumped in the ocean. Imagine that! Some of the harmful chemicals in our garbage from landfills could seep into the ground, and sooner or later get to the ocean and other water bodies not forgetting our groundwater. This pollutes water. By recycling we produce less andreduce the amount of garbage produce and chemicals dumped in our water bodies. With recycling there isn’t the need to make new products. This means that the energy required to make these products is conserved. This energy is generated from coal-fired powers stations and there, sulphur dioxide is emitted into the atmosphere. Sulphur dioxide combines...
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