Effects of Pornography on Society

Topics: Pornography, Pornography addiction, Sexual intercourse Pages: 3 (734 words) Published: November 28, 2007
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Effects of Pornography on Society

Pornography is a virus that has far-reaching detrimental effects that threatens to rip the moral fabric of society. It has become a growing part of the American economy, family life, and is easily accessible.

What Is Pornography?

Wikipedia define pornography as being "the explicit representation of human body or sexual activity with the goal of sexual arousal." (Wikipedia 2007) The Attorney General Commission defines it as "sexually explicit and intended primarily for the purpose of sexual arousal. It has taken on many forms. Pornography may be in the form of printed literature, photos, sculptures, drawings, paintings, animations, sound of recordings, films, videos, or video games. It is a growing part of the American economy and is readily available at many locations.

The Economy of Pornography

In the year of 1970, only $ 10 million dollars was spent a year on pornography. By the year of 1998, Forrester Research published an online report stating that anywhere

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between $ 750 million to $ billion annually is spent on pornography. (Wikipedia 2007) Now pornography grosses $ 8 billion dollars a year. Every year, about 100 pornographic films are shown at "adult" theaters, profiting an annual box office sale of $ 50 million. The pornography industry brings in larger revenues than the top technology companies combined: Microsoft, Google, Amazon, eBay, Yahoo!, Apple, Netflix, and EarthLink. (Jerry Ropelato)

Every second $3, 075.64 is spent on pornography. Every second 28, 258 Internet users are viewing pornography. Every second 372 Internet users are typing in an adult search term into search engines. Also every 39 minutes a new pornographic video is being produced in the United States.

The Availabilities of Pornography

There are about 900 adult video stores and over 15, 000 "adult" bookstores and video stores that offer pornographic materials. The number of adult bookstores in America...
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