The Production & Consumption of Pornography

Topics: Pornography, Pornographic film, Adult theater Pages: 4 (2615 words) Published: April 21, 2012
Pornography: Production & Consumption

What is the difference between an action and a porn movie? They are both something you can rent, buy , watch , they both come in the same video formats. Thus the key difference that deferentiates pornography is its content – sex. Sex is something that is absolutely normal , and actually is the main drive behind the human evolution. Human beings are aware that except for reproduction, sex is also something that brings pleasure and is one of the basic human needs. Than what defines a pornographic movie is that first of all it is a movie(its format) and second of all it has content (sex). Therefore if movies are morally accepted in the society, and sex itself is also a normal event between two(or more) human beings , combining two “moral” statements should bring us a conclusion that pornography is moral. Pornography is a product of choice. The increased demand for pornographic movies is picturing quite vividly that people choose to watch porn on their own will, and thus there is nothing immoral in it. Pornography as a job is also usually a personal choice and thus in the whole process of creating an adult movie all the parties are willingly consenting to participate , which again is not immoral because every person is entitled to the right of his or her own body. The Suppy and Demand-The Right to ask and provide.

There are numerous reasons that could explain why porn is appealing to people , but there is one thing for sure –every human being is entitled to the freedom to watch adult movies no matter if the reason is curiosity , sexual fulfillment or any other reason that is within the reasoning of a normal human being . Pornography is special part of the sex industry , because unlike the real thing the adult industry movies help people live through their most secret desires and fetishes. Movies with X-rated content are appealing , due to the fact that they could offer the comfort of the private experience at the...
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