Nae Nae Is Pretty

Topics: Internet pornography, Pornography, Internet Pages: 1 (375 words) Published: November 16, 2010
Argumentation Essay
“Should access to internet pornography be restricted on campus, offices, and in libraries?” Access to internet pornography should be restricted on campus, offices, and libraries. In my Opinion you should really respect your surroundings. Pornography is a big issue that has a couple points of view. Adults suffer consequences because of younger audiences, and this isn't their fault but they still go by it. There are plenty restrictions with pornographic content like changing time slots on T.V. or having to place a credit card number over the net, which isn't always safe. A lot of shows have explicit content that are shown at regular time slots. The Internet is a huge net full of websites and there are many sites that without charge offer pictures And or videos to download. Pornography is shown to many people regardless of their age. Is it fair to adults that pornography is being censored and that any means of getting any pornography is being monitored? Most of the pornography is censored on T.V. and the shows that may contain explicit material are moved to later time slots therefore not permitting many adults to watch them. Many adults have to wake up early so these late shows don't really work. It has never been an issue to ban shows that contain explicit material because it might have a strong impact on the weak minded. So no matter how many websites one shuts down kids can still get pornographic material.Porno magazines are sold only to over 18 years of age adults. Bookstores and street vendors aren't permitted to sell or admit younger audiences into their stores. No. Kids today can access many Internet sites where pornographic content is shown; also kids have TV's in their rooms, which makes it easier for them to access such materials. Then there is the issue of the magazine subscriptions.Many shows on T.V. contain material not appropriate for young kids and are shown during the day. Although it is said that it is...
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