Effects of Child Abuse

Topics: Child abuse, Domestic violence, Abuse Pages: 5 (1505 words) Published: December 18, 2012
Effects of child abuse: on children

Kareem Ashraf

Modern Science and Arts University


1. Introduction
2.1 defining child abuse
2.2 common effects of child abuse
2.3 how to prevent child abuse
2. Literature Review
3.4 N.A.I.C researched how abuse affects the child
3.5 Researchers studies the effects of abuse on children 3.6 N.A.I.C clarified how to prevent child abuse
3. Discussion
4.7 Child abuse could be cause by several factors
4.8 Evaluation of researcher’s hypothesis
4.9 Our role in preventing abuse
4. Conclusion
5.10 Child abuse complications
5.11 Effects could be devastating and hard to diagnose 5.12 The key to preventing child abuse
5.13 Child abuse remains vague

Child abuse is the use of abusive actions against children and usually occurs all over the world, researchers in the field of human behavior decided to study the effects of abuse in order to prevent and raise awareness against child abuse, the effects of child abuse often occur as self destructive actions and characteristics. the wide range of possible effects caused by abuse makes it hard to distinguish which effect will come about and affect the child, however impelling actions against child abuse have been taken and are still underway.

Researchers studying the field of human behavior such as psychology and sociology have always been aware of the anti-social and self destructive effects that child abuse has on children, this kind of abuse is categorized as domestic violence which is using coercive and abusive behavioral patterns such as physical, sexual, economical and psychological attacks in order to intimidate another person. Child abuse could be caused by direct or indirect threats and still have the same devastating impacts on a child’s mental and physical health, this research aims to study the most common effects of child abuse and the consequences it may have on a child’s life. For centuries children have been traumatized by adults and left to be emotionally and physically scarred however, nowadays people are raising awareness against this worldwide epidemic in order to understand what could be done to prevent and reduce child abuse.

According to N.A.I.C (n.d) the impact of child abuse on a developing child could be devastating and could lead to complicated consequences that are nearly impossible to differentiate due to how the symptoms overlap and relate to one another; for example physical damages such as brain trauma could have psychological complications on the child behavior that will eventually lead to high rates of anxiety and depression which could affect the child’s physical health on the long run. Parents and adults of all ages should be educated on how to recognize the signs of abuse in order to prevent it. Physical effects Conaway mentioned in his research (1998) one of the most common effects of abuse is the shaken baby syndrome, which occurs in infants due to physical abuse and usually results in vomiting, concussions, respiratory distress, seizures or death and if the infant was lucky enough and survived those symptoms he’d have to face a lifelong consequence that includes blindness, learning disabilities, mental retardation or paralysis.     ...
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