Effectiveness of Crime prevention strategies as implemented by the Camalaniugan Police station

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Chapter I
In our contemporary society at present, every country is facing various problems in suppressing crime rate. Every country has different crime profile and no one could claim that they had the best strategy that will lessen the increasing criminality. To deal with this problem, law enforcement agencies had already move on to the principle of crime prevention rather than crime fighting in order to determine their effectiveness and efficiency in accomplishing their goals; to maintain peace and order, protect civil rights, civil liberties and enforcing the law.

The evolution of Crime Prevention has been expanded that, from being seen as a relatively narrow policing function, it evolves to the extent that it involves now a much broad transversal approach by different state and community actors. It is now accepted that prevention takes many forms, that it involves many sectors and levels of government and civil society, and that local authorities and communities have a major role to play, supported by strong sub-regional and national strategies and policy. There is accumulating evidence that many prevention programs are not only effective in reducing offending and victimization, but cost beneficial, resulting in considerable long-term savings for the investment entailed, and bringing social and economic benefits well beyond reductions in crime. Crime prevention is an aspect that every state has to consider in order to ensure security as well as the safety. Peace and order relies on how efficient a state is in a position to fight and prevent crime. There are laws set to assist in the governance process of every nation and they decide on the penalties that an individual has to endure in order to ensure that justice prevails. The police are a body by the government that has the responsibilities of making sure that all the citizens adhere to the set laws at all times and in cases where there are law breakers then they are in power to find and restrain them in government correction facilities. Crime prevention programs are important since they contribute to an increased security system. This crime prevention theory aims to prevent every potential criminal to commit crime and decrease their opportunity in committing the same.

Criminality is a global experience which affects all nations economically, socially and politically. The United States has not been spared with the daily occurrence of crimes particularly in several big cities.

In the Philippines setting, crimes against person and property are usually reported crime in the national news, due to its set up that the Philippines economic status is not enough in order to satisfy the standard living of an individual. Despite of full effort to prevent crime, the Philippine National Police (PNP) does not yet attain its foremost goal to successfully implement crime prevention. The PNP adopts the crime prevention strategies of other country that does not fit to the existing problem in terms of criminality in our country. Crime prevention becomes the dilemma of the PNP organization because of their failure to prove their effectiveness and efficiency in the performance of their duty.

Since Crime Prevention is the main concern of the PNP parlance, several studies have been made in order to sustain the objective of crime prevention. This study will focus in the assessment of the effectiveness of crime prevention strategies implemented by the Camalaniugan Police Station and to look into if it is fit with the crime profile of the said town.

Finally, the result of this study would be important to the PNP organization to help them plan and organize better crime prevention strategies that are deemed necessary for the development of its own mandate. Conceptual Framework

This study will revolved primarily on the effectiveness of Crime Prevention strategies of Camalaniugan Police Station which will correlates with the existing...
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