Effective Teacher

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An effective teacher. What does that mean to you? Is it someone who teaches students according to their learning ability? Is it someone who makes students feel comfortable? Or is an effective teacher someone who knows when to have fun and when to be serious? Well, let’s consider these 3 things and see if they define the meaning of an effective teacher.

An effective teacher is someone who teaches students according to their learning ability.

Everyone learns at different levels. We all have that one subject we’re good at and one subject that we aren’t good at. An effective teacher takes that into consideration. When teaching, an effective teacher should take the time to explain instructions in more than one way so the entire class will be able to comprehend it. I know that personally I may not always understand what the teacher means when explaining the work that I’m given , so not only will this manage to make the assignment easier for the entire class, but it will make the student feel like you care about them as an individual. When taking time to explain the assignment in more than one way, students will feel like they are actually learning and actually being taught something instead of their teacher just putting work on the board. This may have a greater effect on a student’s grades and homework because they actually understand. Being able to understand what is going in class makes a student feel comfortable, which brings me into my next paragraph.

An effective teacher is someone who makes students feel comfortable in class.

Having a comfortable learning enviorment is key in teaching someone. As a student , when I walk into a classroom and a teacher welcomes you with a big smile and a friendly voice, it indeed does make me feel comfortable! Another reason it is important to have a comfortable learning enviorment , is when it comes to participating . Every student, at one point in their life, dreads raising their hand in class. Why? Because...
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