Effective Recruitment and Selection

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Effective Recruitment & Selection

“Matching and securing the right people in the right job!!”

General Information
Breaks/ Prayer Breaks Canteen

Mobiles Attendance/Timekeeping Certificates


Name Organization Job Title/Main Functions Hobbies Expectations of the Course

Planning for human resource requirements of organization Identify and follow the necessary steps in selecting and hiring an employee. Plan the recruitment and selection criteria Short-list and select from several applicants Plan and conduct the selection interviews Understand and comply with the Labor law

Course Content
Human Resource Planning Importance Of Effective Recruitment Three Phases Effective Recruitment Employee Selection Need For A Good Selection Process Steps in the Effective Selection Process Selection Testing Approaches to Interviewing Making the Hiring Decision

Human Resource Planning
Human resource planning enables a organization to project its short to long term needs on the basis of its manpower requirements to meet changing priorities. The number of recruits required in a specified timeframe and the availability of talent Early indications of potential recruitment or retention difficulties Surpluses or deficiencies in certain level or grades Availability of suitable qualified and experienced successors

Human Resource Planning
Understand the human resource planning process. Weigh the advantages and disadvantages of internal and external recruiting. Distinguish among the major methods of selection. Make staffing decisions that minimize the hiring and promotion of the wrong people. Provide reasonable job expectations to new recruits.

Human Resource Planning

Recruitment Process

Labor Market

Organization’s Objective

Selection Process

Importance Of Effective Recruitment
Attract sufficient and suitably potential employees towards organization Alignment with mission and goals of organization Compliance with Labor laws Cost effective Operational needs Candidates should be determined through job analysis, job descriptions and personal descriptions

Methods of Recruitment
Companies recruit their personnel through various recruitment methods, depending on the position to be filled External Recruitment  Campus Recruitment  Summer Placements  Employment Advertisements  E-Recruitment  Employment Exchanges  Employee Referral Schemes Internal Recruitment  Promotion  Transfer

Pros & Cons of Recruitment Methods
External Versus Internal Recruitment



New Ideas Different Approach Increase Diversity




Less Costly Moral Booster Shorter Learning Curve Limits Diversity Internal Politics Status Quo

Limited Impact Culture Clash Longer Learning Curve

Vacancy Occurs
Vacancy may arise as a result of: Retirement Promotion Resignation Business expansion

Effective Recruitment Advertisement
Content Guidelines for effective advertisement Recruitment goal attainment Effective medium Positioning ideas

Group Activity- Design a Recruitment Advertisement
Design a recruitment advertisement for any job you are familiar with for print media Write it on flipchart

Recruitment Advertisement
Can be advertised: Internally – Notice boards, Circulars, Company magazines Externally – Local or National papers, Recruitment agencies, Careers service.

Reception of Applications

Applicants may be asked to apply by submitting: A letter of application An application form A Curriculum Vitae.

Three Phases of Effective Recruitment
Gathering information to determine job requirements, person specifications and recruitment criteria Obtaining information about applicants

Dealing with enquiries and screening of applicants

First Phase Of Recruitment
Gathering information to determine job requirements, person specifications and recruitment criteria Job Analysis Job Description Job Requisition/ Job Assessment Person...
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