Effective Communications Paper

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Effective Communication

Health Care Management - HCS325
October 14, 2013
Sandra Marken, Facilitator
Effective Communication
Effective communication is critical for any organization’s success, and sharing knowledge is ideal. In this essay, I will tell about my experience as a manager for a grocery store chain. I worked as a department manager for five years, and I will explain the managerial strategy to involve employees with solutions to problems. I will also give techniques that have proved to be most effective, as well as proven to be ineffective.

Communication Model
Bureaucratic organizational model is the one that best describes my organization, which I have managerial experience. I worked for a grocery store chain, and it was divided into divisions and departments to help achieve the same goal. We also had a organizational chart that provided the chain of command. Employee Involvement

I held staff meetings once a week, and they were mandatory for everyone. I would communicate the sales projections for the week, and I broke in down for each day as well. I would also communicate how I thought we would make that projection, by breaking it down to their level. For example, I would tell them how many cases of fried chicken we needed to sell per day, to get close to the projections. I would also play games and have contests. The contests were as simple as, the employee who made it closest to their projection, would get a $20 bonus, and so forth. I also went to the extent of purchasing a costume to promote a product, and during team meetings, I would try to ask for volunteers to wear the costume out on the street holding a sign with its price on it. I used motivational techniques, and I knew each person’s strengths and weaknesses. Having the weekly team meetings, seemed to boost employee morale as well. I also tried to be flexible on schedule’s when possible, keeping the employee’s needs in mind. Effective and Ineffective Techniques


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