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Effect of Tv Personalities to the Mass of People

By Aileen3 Oct 05, 2012 616 Words
This is considered to provide learners or readers with mass media information needed to help them become knowledgeable individuals in the use of mass media. Every idea is presented as simple as possible suited for each other for better understanding of concepts and guidelines. 1Media is the various means of mass communications considered as a whole, including television, radio, magazine, and newspaper, together with the people involved in their mass of people. Artists or celebrities have a big portion in media, they are the one who have the connection to the mass of people, the television industry has been considered as a very strong influence on society. The largest television stations here in the Philippines are the ABS-CBN and GMA. They provide different formats of viewing such as music, news, animation, children programs, educational, soap operas or telenovelas, fantaseryes, game shows or reality shows and many more; that might help or worsen once lifestyles. 2These programs are monitored by MTRCB (Movie & Television Review & Classification Board).By rating it through G, PG and SPG. Rated G (General Patronage) is for all age and viewers. In Rated PG (Parental Guidance) monitored programs, children need a parents supervision. While in Rated SPG (Strict Parental Guidance) supervised shows, children or minor should be guided strictly since it might contain theme, language, harassment, sexual, horror, or drugs that are not appropriate to their stage of development. The generation nowadays have a lots of TV personalities that known for their extraordinary talents, appeals, and by attainting the peoples expectation in their shows. 3The most influential personalities in today’s generation are Vice Ganda, Daniel John Padilla, Kathyrn Bernardo, Anne Curtis, Julia Montes, Pokwang, Charice Pempengco, Raymond Gutierrez, Barbie Forteza and Jake Vargas. They are involved in different project and altered act of role, some might act as kontrabida or villain and basagulero or trouble maker that in the eyes of broods they thought that it is accurate nevertheless it is incorrect. Different person has different perspective in what they see and hear. It is their choice to follow it or not, through the custody of their parents I know everyone might choose the right path. 4Since celebrities are regularly seen on television, heard over the radio, and read about in the newspapers, it is not questionable that all their moves are followed by the general public. Being aware of the great regard that people give them, celebrities do their best in order to share a positive influence to the community. There are a lot of celebrities today that share their advocacies openly for the public to follow. For instance, there are plenty of TV stars who put up their own foundations in order to fund pressing problems in the country. In addition to that, there are also a lot of personalities who willingly participate in rescue operations in times of disasters like typhoons, floods, and earthquakes. By being good example to the community, celebrities today are definitely able to show that they help in making the Philippines a better place to live in. Each artist influence or affects the lifestyles of their viewers or fans in different and little ways. Their fans might affect the way they dress, the way they speak, the way they act, or might affect one’s life. Artist could influence in positively or negatively and these are the things that this thesis will going to provide you, piece by piece. This book allows you to experience the boundless power and importance of the fields of artist and its effect to the mass of people. Come then, and let us take a trip to the world of stars, together, let us make ourselves better individualities.

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