who is to blame

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Who is to blame?

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Who is to blame?
Is it the responsibility of the parents to manage how their teenage kid responds to music? Depending on how parents develop the foundation for their children to learn, grow, and function in the world will help determine how they interpret things as a teenage kid. Family values are developing for the whole family to live by almost like if they were a set of rules. Parents educating their teenage kid on media literacy will automatically give the responsibility and accountability to them; it will also minimize negative consequences.

For those people that desire to have proficient knowledge on today’s media means they want to excel on being an excellent student, employee, and a parent. For a parent to be literate on the media that he or she can no longer hide from their children is a very important issue. Since a parent has no control over today’s media but if they have knowledge of it they can at least control what their kids are reading, listening to on the radio, watching on television and more importantly how they use the biggest tool in the media the ‘internet’. Like everything else in life television has its good and bad. The biggest downfall that comes with television is violence. The reason why violence is such huge part of television is because violence it is vital to action. Seventy percent of televised programs consist of action based programs such as Law and Order, CSI Miami, WWF, COPS and then theirs channels that promote nothing but action/violence movies like the Spike, TNT, FX, and USA channel. The best thing a parent can do is simply block the channels that he or she considers to be violent for teenagers.

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Who is to blame?
This method still does not guarantee that the young impressionable teens will not find access to other channel or programs that promote violence. Nothing gets the attention of a reader like a title that states a violent crime. In today’s world a person can get live news from a phone all they have to do is log onto the internet through their personal phone and they can read anything from the New York Times to Los Angles Time. If it’s that easy to get the news it will be very hard to prevent a teen from reading what and where he or she wants to read. Radio can be heard in the comfort of a car while driving to work, while cleaning the house, or just doing research on the internet. The biggest tool that mass media has to offer is the internet. How does a parent control what their young teens are learning on the web when there is so many ways to have access? A parent can not always be by their teenage kids’ side telling them what is right or wrong. The best thing one can do is just to educate themselves on whatever is available through mass media. When it is time to educate the young ones the parents will be confident in what they are teaching, by doing so the parents are placing the responsibility on the shoulders of the young teenagers.

If somebody takes responsibility of something that means they are in charge of it. A music artist makes a music album. Weather the artist made the lyrics to entertain his/her fans or just speaking about their personal feelings on a subject they can not be hold accountable for the actions of their fans. A person becomes an artist to entertain the world with their gift not to take accountability for the actions of their fans.

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Who is to blame?
Family Values can be described as the nuclear bond of unity. Family values have various types of ethic which are based differently values as honesty, education, and family unity. In other words to have a sense of family values is to have good thoughts, good intentions and good deed, to love and to care for, those whom we are very close to and are part of our primary family. Our family who are children, sister, brothers, aunts, uncle, even friends, should be treated with the same set of...

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