Effect of Child Labour in Academic Performance

Topics: Cross River State, Calabar, Child abuse Pages: 2 (415 words) Published: December 27, 2012
The Impact of Child Abuse on Academic Performance of Youths in Calabar-South Local Government Area
1OTU, Judith E, 1USHIE, M.A, 2DAVID, E.O, 3IFERE, Akase Blossom E 1Department of Sociology, University of Calabar, Nigeria
2Department of Technical Education,
Cross River University of Technology, Calabar, Nigeria
3Department of Educational Foundations,
Cross River University of Technology, Calabar Nigeria
The effect of child abuse on the academic performance of youth and children has become of great concern to many people especially in developed countries. This paper examined the major causative agents to child abuse. Findings revealed that all the variables considered as aspects of parents attitude towards children education are all significant at 0.05 alpha levels. This was affirmed in the analysis result with (x2) at 0.05 levels of significance had a value of 3.5 which implies that parents positive attitudes to their children significantly affect the academic performances of their children. Therefore, to avert this menace in our society parents should be economically empowered by government and NGOs and should track down ruthlessly with people caught in child trafficking

Keywords: Child abuse, Calabar, Education, Social Problems, Family INTRODUCTION
Child abuse is one of the most common social problems in our society which have attracted attention to both the government and private individuals. This is because the wellbeing of a child in any nation should be of paramount importance to the society (Helper, 1922). Today, child abuse potentially has major economic implications for students especially for US schools. According to Kramer (1997) over 8% of US children experience sexual abuse before age 18 while 17% experienced physical abuse and 18% experience physical neglect. Ciechetti (2001) in his analysis of the effect of child abuse opined that childhood maltreatment and averse parent practices have the potential to delay the academic...
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