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Child rights in Nepal
The children, in fact are our bright future stars and glory of the nation. They are the future hope and get better opportunities to enhance their all round development. Rights are those conditions that ensure the opportunity to enjoy the fundamental needs so as to enhance one's dignity and prosperity. The condition of child rights in Nepal is highly miserable, despite its provision as the fundamental rights in our present constitution. We should provide education and training to the children. The young children can be mounded as we wish as a potter shapes soft clay into beautiful pots. Opportunities to education and other services regardless any sort of discrimination is only the key to brighten the future of children. The children are innocent, curious, active and enthusiastic by nature. They are in need of friendly and healthy atmosphere to live in peace. They learn and experience more new things which make them mature and responsible. It is obvious that it is possible only if they can enjoy their inborn rights without any hindrance. Since the fundamental child rights include right to shelter, food, education, health care, recreation and sports etc, they are basic needs for the spontaneous development of one's personality. Being a democratic country, Nepal has been taking needy steps for the protection and promotion of child rights. It has permitted many NGO's and INGO's to work in Nepal in this regard. UNICEF, UNDP, SOS, CWIN etc along with the NGOs are working actively for the promotion of child rights. The government of Nepal passed the Child Act in 2048 B.S. This law provides legal rights to the children and prohibits the children under 14 to work in any industry. Similarly Nepal celebrate the year, 1990 A.D. as the girl child along with other SAARC countries. Our present interim constitution 2063 has introduced many provisions for the protection and promotion of child rights working for the Welfare of the children.


The word newspaper tells its importance itself. News means new message. Paper means the medium that carries the message. The newspapers are really very important things. They carry us news. We are informed with the message of what is happening in our locality, country and world. It tells us about the politics, the economic ups and downs, Games, entertainment, weather, literature or what we need. It makes people informative. If you go to a group of educated people, you can hear them talking about different things of the country and the world. The main course is the newspaper. Students need to read newspapers. We can get general knowledge. We can get come lesson related to our course. How can we be better educated in the social studies without a newspaper these days? They work as a mediator between the people and the government. It collects public opinion about the burning issue sand conveys to the government. Thus it helps the government to make their politics. Newspapers are the necessary elements of the nation. They help the nation a lot. Value of Time

“Time and tide wait for none.” It is a popular English proverb. Proverbs are the products of long experiences. Time is the same thing as the flowing river. Once it passes, it never comes back again. The time once passed, cannot be used by us. Time is roughly divided into three parts. They are past, present and future. Past is already passed. You cannot get it back. Future is always uncertain. You cannot fore-tell it. But the present is your time. You can use it as you like. A person’s life is in his own hand.    What do you like to make yourselves? Make plan and mound it in the present time. Our life is like the time.  It is also flowing like the water of a river, blowing like the wind and passing together with the time.  An adult cannot get his childhood back again, a person is strong, active, energetic and intelligent in his youth. He can do many things in this stage. But he cannot do in his old stage. So time...
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