Topics: Management, Organizational studies and human resource management, Ethics Pages: 10 (3652 words) Published: October 3, 2014
Dr. Kathleen Dechant
University of Connecticut School of Business
Tentative Syllabus Subject to Change Prior to August 25

What’s this course about? Do you want to be more effective at your job? Find better solutions to organizational problems? Reduce the time and effort it takes to get others to listen to you or work for you? Then you need to learn and use the tools and techniques of organizational behavior management. At a macro level, this means learning how to structure a unit, division or company and create the production, information, technological, and personnel systems appropriate to it. At a micro level it means learning about people—what makes them cooperative or resistant. And, it means gaining insight into your own behavior as a co-worker or manager. Finally, it means figuring out how to change—the organization, others, and yourself.

MANAGING ORGANIZATIONS introduces you to the area of study called organizational behavior so that you can more easily understand, predict and influence organizational performance and human behavior. The purpose of Management 338 is to introduce you to a framework and a set of tools for creating and implementing an organizational design that results in high performance.

What do I need to do well in this course? All course sessions require your active participation. You should be prepared to share your ideas as well as listen to and interpret those presented by others.

You will be required to work at both conceptual and applied levels throughout the course as individuals and within small teams. All assignments should exhibit a high level of critical thinking along with a demonstrated ability to apply course concepts accurately. This means that discussions and assignments need to incorporate the appropriate concepts and principles as described in your texts and article readings. Written assignments should be professional in presentation relative to structure and grammar. Creativity counts! In team assignments, you should show that you can collaborate with group members and provide added value to group work. To achieve a grade of A on an assignment, you must exceed the requirements for that assignment. Classes will run from 7 to 9:45 p.m. on Mondays unless otherwise announced. Assignments are due on the dates specified in this syllabus. Instructor office hours are from 5 to 6:45 on Mondays. Other times are available by appointment. If you are absent from a class, you are responsible for the material covered during your absence. Notify the instructor and your team members if you plan to miss a class and be sure to obtain any notes, etc. from them.

Readings will be taken from your textbooks and from articles and cases. The primary course text is Organizational Behavior: Emerging Realities for the Workplace Revolution (2nd edition, 2003) by McShane and VonGlinow available from the UCONN Co-op. The secondary text is When Cultures Collide by Richard D. Lewis (2000). It can

be purchased at the Co-op as well as on The following readings and cases for the course can be obtained on-line from You need to submit credit card information to view or purchase this material on-line.

David Fletcher Case
Dawn Riley at America True (A) and (C) Cases
Prepare your organization to fight fires (article)
USA Today: Pursuing the Network Strategy (A) Case
Cirque du Soleil Case
Karen Leary Case (A)
Tank in the Bog Case
Level 5 Leadership (article)
Values in tension: ethics away from home (article)
The ethical leader’s decision tree (article)
Values in tension: ethics away from home (article)

How will my work be graded? Your grade will be a combination of the scores your team receives on virtual discussion assignments and the work that you submit on an individual basis.
Group work (40%) = Average of virtual discussion grades. Whether you receive the same grade as other members of your...
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