Edward L. Bernays

Topics: Public relations, Cigarette, American Tobacco Company Pages: 4 (1568 words) Published: June 19, 2013
Edward L. Bernays is widely eulogized as the “father of public relations,” but didn’t receive such recognition until his death in 1995. In the book “The Father of Spin,” Larry Tye documents the career of Edward Bernays, as a man himself and the monumental findings that preceded him. Many may refer to how Bernays fathered public relations as it is known today, but he also shaped, molded and personified ideal practices of public relations with his own spin for everything he did. Bernays and his studies achieved the unthinkable, such that they were able to grasp the social, political, economic and cultural developments. Throughout the book, “The Father of Spin” Larry Tye attests to Bernay’s greatness and the extent to which he was important to society. One of his enormous effects in shaping the media images and messages on behalf of governments, companies, organizations, and individuals came in this example, considering his endeavor with United Fruit. Tye’s praised Bernays role in maintaining the situation between the country of Guatemala and the company which was then known as the United Fruit Company. Bernays greatness continued on as he also contributed in helping the tobacco companies, as well as his campaigning against woman gaining weight, and further contribution in assisting in the change of the fashion world’s colors to green. One of Bernays major contributions to the profession of Public Relations came in his endeavor on behalf of Lucky Strike Cigarettes. This may be considered his biggest influence in PR, where by the end of this campaign, Bernays helped thousands of women to take up smoking, and as he named it, “Torches of Freedom,” became the first global PR event of the century, and possibly the most successful. Bernays began his relations with American Tobacco and its president George Washington Hill. He took the job in 1928, to help promote the Lucky Strike brand. Hill’s first assignment to Bernays was to help encourage more women to smoke in order...

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