Edward Marshall Boehm

Topics: Marketing, Firm, Customer service Pages: 1 (390 words) Published: March 9, 2011
1. Edward Marshall Boehm is a famous sculptor. He is in the art porcelain business. His product is well-known of its quality and uniqueness. 2. The under controlled general environment factors of the firms are * Product qualities and image: the firm can control the product qualities and image as they are subjected to the needs of the firms. * Skill staff: the present and skill staff is required by the product. As the product needs the technical skill to produce, the organization needs the skill staff to produce the product. The beyond controlled general environment factors of the firms are * Reputation depends on the customer view toward the firms and product. In this case, the reputation of Boehm’s sculpture is increased because of the product unique style, qualities and features. * Market oriented; this also depend on the value that customer give to the product. The company can specific it but can’t control it. It depends on the customer and other factors. 3. The competitive advantage of the firms is the value of the product. As the product of Boehm has the unique characteristics, the position of the product in the market is posted in the different position comparing with the same kind of the product. The high quality of the porcelain and the delicate product figure which focus on nature make the product to be well-known in specific market such as museums, galleries and rich collectors. In addition, the firm also emphasizes the quality of its product over its quantities which will offer customer the greater value and take the product to be sustainable in the market. 4. The business level strategy to overcome five forces and achieve competitive advantage is differentiation strategy. The firm provides the high qualities product with unique attributes to the customers. The value of the sculpture is added by the uniqueness which allows the firms to specify the premium price of its product. Boehm’s firm also has the internal strength to...
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