Educational Problems in Turkey

Topics: School, Education, Teacher Pages: 2 (420 words) Published: April 4, 2013
Cause Analysis Essay
Final VersionMarch 19, 2013
Education is very important for countries. It should be beneficial for students to develop their countries. However, there may be problems in education in some countries such as Turkey. Turkey has several problems in education, and their reasons can vary. Reasons of these problems can be examined in terms of educational facilities, teacher attitude, and student attitude. First of all, educational facilities are poor in Turkey. There isn’t enough equipment in some schools especially in those in rural areas. Students may not have computers, maps or enough books in schools. Insufficiency of equipment can cause problems in learning. In addition, there aren’t so many school buildings in Turkey. In some small cities, even there isn’t a university building. Furthermore, in small towns there can be only one primary school in the center. These inadequate facilities give rise to educational problems in Turkey. At the second place, teacher attitude has an important role in education. Some teachers are very demanding. They expect students to do a lot of things such as listening and paying attention to the lessons, doing all homework and getting good grades in exams. These are tiring and boring for students. Moreover, some teachers are old-fashioned. They cannot adjust new technologies. For example, they don’t know how to use computers and they apply usual methods to teach. Teachers can also have a negative attitude. They might not love their job, so they might not love students, either. Thus, teachers can affect the education negatively in Turkey. Finally, student attitude brings about problems in education. Students’ attitudes may be negative to school as teachers’ are. They don’t like their school and they don’t want to study. Next, students can be distracted. They cannot concentrate on lessons and, as a result of this they cannot learn subjects in the...
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