Educational Opportunities for Class 10th Students

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1.0 Introduction
As soon as a young child comes out of school finds self at cross roads. He is confronted with the problem of choosing career whether in Engneering, Medical, Non medical, paramedical, vocational, Humanities. This unit will provide you overall view of educational opportunities after 10th & 12th standard , Internship, Apprenticeship to excel in professional front. You will also become familiar with scholarships- like NTS,KVPY,UGC & others available at various stages of education for meritorious students. This unit helps you to know websites that gives information regarding higher education , entrance examinations.

After reading this module the teacher will able to :
• Make the students aware about the need of educational planning. • Explain the students about various educational opportunities after 10th & +2 education. • Help students in exploring various sources of higher education & Scholarships. • Ways of disseminating the educational information to students 1.1 Needs For Educational Planning

“India is suffering from massive shortage of skilled manpower”- This was the News headline of a leading National Daily in July 2011. It is the matter of quality & not quantity of Manpower. As on today, the population of India is 1.21 billion and half of the population is below 18 years of age. And responsibility lies with policy makers, administrators, educators, career counselors, teachers,& parents to channelize the energy of these youths & convert them into skilled human resource And it is the “Education” that determines the level of prosperity, Welfare & security of its citizens. Combined efforts of educators, teachers, career counselors and of course parents to bring awareness among students in an effort to make most realistic choice of courses of higher education depending upon his/her interest, aptitude, ability & financial background. 1.2 Educational opportunities after10th standard:-

Generally . We know that you are already aware about the three streams that you can choose from after Class 10 - Science, Humanities and commerce here you have to pursue your education for 2 years to become eligible for your graduation level academics.. Science

Includes study ofsubjects
like Chemistry,
Mathematics, Physics
and Biology
Includes study of subjects like
Geography, Philosophy,
History, Sociology, and
Political Science
Includes study of subjects
like Accounting, Tax,
Business Economics and
You need to have good
grades in Class 10 and
equally good marks in
Mathematics to secure a
seat in 10+2
Average grades in Class 10
can help you seek admission
in the Humanities stream in
Need good grades after Class
10 and also in Class 12 to
pursue higher education in
Appear for competitive
exams and start a
professional career like
engineering or medicine
Less scope of joining a
professional career and have
to pursue a Bachelor’s degree.
However, one can always
a vocational course or pursue
his or her interests
Start a professional career by
registering for CA foundation
You can make a shift to
other streams Commerce
or Arts after Class 12
You cannot make a shift to
other streams like Science or
Commerce after Class 12
You cannot appear for
engineering or medical
streams or change
to sciencestream after Class
12. However, you can shift to
Arts after Class 12.
One can pursue 3 years diploma course either in engineering or Non engineering stream. Nearly there are 190 diploma courses. From Aviation, automobile, biomedical ,ceramic technology, dress making,……to textile engineering, web designing,X-ray technician.( From A………..Z) Those who can’t afford expensive training and who can’t get chance to pursue higher education and those who are having inclination towards technical education & most important those who want to earn at an early age can opt for...
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