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My Educational Journey at Saint Joseph’s College

Nursing 300: Professional Transitions
Unit 1 part 1
December 12, 2011


My Educational Journey at Saint Joseph’s College
Professional Transitions is the first of many classes that I will experience during my journey of obtaining my Bachelors degree in Nursing at Saint Joseph’s College of Maine. Personally I have many reasons for wanting to further my nursing education. One of the main reasons for wanting to obtain my Bachelor’s degree is so I can prove to myself that I can do it. I have an irrational belief that I am not capable of successfully completing a Bachelor‘s program. Being a student in special education during my primary schooling, I have low self-confidence related to my formal educational success. I believe these beliefs stem from the fear of failing and as a safety mechanism I have talked myself out of even trying, until now. I am ready to prove myself wrong. When I have successfully completed my degree, you can bet I will do a “told you so” dance to myself! In being successful with my educational endeavor I hope to achieve my second major personal goal, imbedding in my children the worth of a higher education. I would like to be a role model for my children. By not only leading by example, I would also like to “practice what I preach” so to speak. As we all know actions often speak louder than our words, it’s not just enough that I tell my children the importance of higher education. I too have to be part of that high-quality, well-educated group that I want my children to respect and strive for. Professionally my goals for furthering my education are almost infinite. I can envision the endless job opportunities. Recently I have been browsing the “current openings” section for local hospitals only to be disappointed by their requirements. I have found that most hospitals, as...

References: Hood, L. J. (2010). Conceptual bases of professional nursing. Philadelphia Pa: Lipincott
Williams and Wilkins.
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