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1. Describe the process of role transition from student nurse to staff nurse utilizing a variety of role transition theories. Recent graduate is caught in the situation of moving from a familiar, comfortable educational environment into a new role in the work force in which the expectations are not clearly defined or may not even be realistic. EBP suggests that support from faculty and experienced nurses, and sharing experiences with peers were critical in the transition from student nurse to beginning practitioner. Literature points out the new grads don’t think like of nurse due to lack of experience. EBP-role transition: think like a nurse states that the process of learning to think like a nurse is characterized by building confidence, accepting responsibility, adapting to changing relations with others, and thinking more critically pg. 5. NCSBN- evidence-based “transition to practice” regulatory model pg. 18. Rules of the road for transition pg. 20

2. Discuss steps, suggested in the literature, for effective role transition. A successfully managed transitioned begins when the graduate nurse is able to evaluate the work situation objectively and predict the actions and reactions of the staff effectively. Prioritization, conflict management, time management, and support groups (peers, preceptors, mentors) can make as significant difference in promoting a successfully managed transition period. Nurturing the ability to see humor in a situation may be the first step. Think positive, request constructive feedback, look for opportunities to problem-solve and practice clinical thinking, be flexible, get organized, stay healthy, find a mentor, have fun, plan ahead,

3. Utilize the elements of reasoning to conceptualize and analyze the phases that a new graduate may pass through on the way to becoming a professional clinician. According to Kramer 1974- phases of reality shock applying to new grads include: 1st phase- honeymoon- the recent grad is thrilled...
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