Education Should Be Free

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Education Should Be Free
The school is the last expenditure upon which a country should be willing to economize. Franklin D. Roosevelt

Personally I believe, that education should be free. Every country should be interested in a well educated youth. That is because the young are our next generation and our future. Compulsory education is free, but higher education is really expensive. In Belarus 36% students are provided state-subsidized education. Other 64% pay about one thousand dollars yearly. 56 Average salary in our country makes up 400 dollars per month. Minimum consumer budget for a working woman of middle age makes up 230 dollars and for a student – 200 dollars. It means that higher education for a child from a single parent family is merely unachievable. 47 For the reason the tuition fees are raised once in a team, talented and diligent but of modest means students cannot pay after another raise and quit studies. It results in unrealized ambitions, melancholia and may lead to crime if such student cannot find job because he/she does not have a diploma. 52 However, tuition fees conduce to reduction of number of students who are not really serious and take up places in courses just because they do not want to work or do not know what to do. Therefore those who insist on knowing have chance to get education of higher quality. 50 I believe, that education should be free. I believe, that everybody should have equal opportunity to get a higher education, especially if he/she is diligent, willing and hard-working. Mihail Lomonosov, Marie Curie, Alexander Fleming and many other outstanding scientists were in need while getting the education. 46

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