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Education policies 1988 – 2012
1988 Education Reform Act
Introduction of National Curriculum
Introduction of OFSTED inspections
Introduction to testing to determine League tables
Competition between schools
Vocationalism – job based study
Local Management of Schools (LMS)
grant maintained (GM) schools;
city technology colleges (CTCs)
changes in further and higher education
 It is sometimes referred to as 'The Baker Act' after secretary of state Kenneth Baker. The Act was about giving more power to the schools but In fact, it took power away from the LEAs and the schools and gave them all to the secretary of state. Strengths of this act are;

That all pupils were studying the same and therefore all the pupils had the same education Weaknesses of this act are;
Private schools did not and still do not use the national curriculum and therefore get a different education and it doesn’t stretch students.

1990 Education (Student Loans) Act 1990 
'top-up' loans for higher education students, this meant those who could not afford to go to university were now able to. This is a good thing as we would have a more educated work force. 1992 Further and Higher Education Act 1992

Removed further education and sixth form colleges from LEA control and established Further Education Funding Councils (FEFCs), meant that the funding of higher education was all under the Higher Education Funding Councils (HEFCs), introduced competition for funding between schools Awards. This is good as schools will up their standards to get more funding bettering the pupils education. 1992 Education (Schools) Act 1992

New arrangements for the inspection of schools led to the creation of Ofsted (Office for Standards in Education). This is good as schools would maintain a high standard to get a high inspection score therefore increasing the standard of pupil’s education. 1993 Education Act 1993

Changed the funding of grant maintained schools, set rules for pupil exclusions and for...
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