Advanced Educational Sociology

Topics: Sociology, Criminology, Anomie Pages: 8 (3162 words) Published: April 24, 2014
College of Education
Graduate School
Zamboanga City

Course Professor:DR. ALICIA T. BALDECANO


1. What is Deviance? Deviant Behavior?
2. Competing Explanations of Deviance: Sociology, Psychology and Sociology
3. Types of Deviation: Theories and Causes of Deviance
4. Function of Deviance
5. Social Foundation of Deviance
a. Deviance and Power
b. Deviance and Capitalism
c. Deviance and Gender
6. Social Control
7. Contemporary Social Problems
8. Crime Situation in the Philippines
9. Globalization and Crime



In just a few moments I was to meet my first Yanomamo, my first primitive man. What would it be like? I looked up and gasped when I saw a dozen burly, filthy, hideous men staring at us down the shafts of their drawn arrows. Immense wads of green tobacco were stuck between their lower teeth and lips, making them look even more hideous, and strands of dark-green slime dripped or hung from their noses. We arrive at the village while the men were blowing a hallucinogenic drug up their nose. One the effect of the drugs is a runny nose. The mucus is always saturated with the green powder and the Indians usually let it run freely from their nostrils…. I just sat down holding my notebook, helpless and pathetic. The whole situation was depressing and I wondered why I ever decided to switch from civil engineering to arthropology in the first place. [ soon ] I was covered with red pigment, the result of a dozen or so complete examinations. These examinations capped an otherwise grim day. The Indians would blow their noses into their hands, flick as much of the mucus off that would separate in a snap of wrist, wipe the residue into their hair and then carefully examine my face, arms, legs, hair and the content of my pockets. I said [in their language], “your hands are dirty”; my comments were met by the Indians in the following way: they would “clean” their hands by spitting a quantity of slimy tobacco juice into them and rub them together and then proceed with examination. If you were to list the deviant behavior of the Yanamamo, what would you include? The way they appear naked in the public?

Use hallucinogenic drugs?
Let mucus hang from their noses?
Or the way they rub hands filled with mucus, spittle and tobacco juice over a frightened stranger who doesn’t dare to protest? Perhaps, but it isn’t this simple, for as we shall see, deviance is relative.

What is Deviance?

Sociologist use term Deviance to refer to any violation of norms. Refer to behavior that is banned, censured, stigmatized or penalized. Most often, it is portrayed as breaking the rule. Deviance is an alleged break of the social norm.

It is any acts that violates social expectations, elicit social disapproval and causes people to exclaim The act of nonconformity is Deviance.
Broom, Selznick and Darroch (1930) use the term to any violation of social norm and expectations.

Deviance is relative. What is deviant for one group may be acceptable to another group. Abortion, premarital sex, polygamy, and divorce do not constitute deviance in some societies, but are strongly disapproved of or punished by Christians in the Philippines. What is considered deviant may vary in time and place.

For a Christian Filipino, a man who marries more than one spouse may be branded as an infidel husband, on the other hand, a Muslim Filipino can marry more than one wife as long as He is capable of supporting all of them.

What is Deviant Behavior?

Despite the general tendency of the socialization process mechanisms of social control to enforce...
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