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ABROAD - This word is like a magnet for everyone. Studying abroad has become a very common phenomenon especially for students of my age, which are just glued to it. Every single aspect inclines children and youth towards this marvellous opportunity of studying overseas. To start with, the first and foremost advantage of studying abroad is the constant use of the particular language which has been opted by one. No institution in one’s country can be better than this. For instance, if I have opted for English and I go to America for my further education, my decision will be considered the most favourable for me because daily I will be conversing in English which will further increase my fluency, pronunciation and even my vocabulary. I will be getting more confident and it won’t look like a second language. Then another great advantage is that as I will mix up with the society and culture, I’ll become a part of it and then would not feel lonely, insecure or unattended. Followed by this I’ll start believing in himself that yes, I can do that. I myself will have to find a solution for any kind of problem I face which will therefore make me independent. I’ll be following a précised routine and will be separating time for everything which will further make me organized. I would be blindly following my aim and if I succeed in achieving it I’ll get laurels to my family and then my father would proudly say that yes, that’s my son over there. Ahh, thinking of all this just makes me shiver. Another upcoming attraction for students like me is the IB which is enveloping students into its gulf. They feel so captivated and bewitched by the aura of this new world that want to be a part of it. But, though it is a widespread phenomenon, the advantages of studying abroad cannot overshadow its drawbacks. If on one side it is giving us too many opportunities to its contrary it can be a daunting as well as an extremely expensive way of getting...
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