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Some of the advantages and disadvantages of overseas study.

By ShuShu58 Jul 21, 2007 497 Words
Nowadays, students are keen in traveling overseas to study. This range of students includes primary schools students to university students.

Firstly, studying overseas provide students with a different experience compared to local schools. Students have to adapt to the new environment which includes sharing rooms with peers, experiencing the four seasons and speaking in languages that could be well understood. Since students are always interested in experiencing different things, many chose to study overseas.

Secondly, staying overseas, students have to plan between roommates whom to buy groceries because supermarkets are so far away. Also, they have to decide whom to cook and do housework as schedules are tight. Hence, bonds between friends would be strengthened since students have to discuss about the planning. This interactive skill of communication will be helpful in their future careers. Sharing rooms with classmates, they have to speak proper English to assure the message is brought across to the other party. In addition, students would be able to learn about other cultures through the stories and knowledge shared between their roommates.

Thirdly, students would be able to enter their desired school more easily because overseas schools are abundant and therefore have higher number of vacancies. Upon entering their desired schools, students will feel more determined and confident for choosing the courses they are interested in. In overseas schools, students are also trained to speak up and ask questions if they are in doubts. Comparing to local schools, overseas schools are more open and this leads to fruitful results.

Lastly, when students are overseas, they will get the freedom they long for. Students will learn to be more mature and be responsible in their actions since there is no one to monitor their movements.

However, studying overseas has its disadvantages too. Students whom are not independent to take care of themselves would suffer overseas.

Students who cannot adapt to a different environment well cannot bring out their potential in overseas schools. In schools, different teaching methods will be used. If students are not able to familiarize with the teaching methods there, their grades would deteriorate tremendously.

Since expenses are high overseas, most students have to work part-time to pay for the daily expenses and books they require. They have to do tedious household chores and prepare meals all by themselves when roommates are busy. Students must be independent enough to manage their time wisely to secure their grades while working.

Some students also suffer through racial discrimination and loneliness. Local students would despise those who travel over to their county to study. These students are being despised because they are of different skin color and work much harder than those local students. Without their loved ones by their sides to support them, many would think of giving up.

In my opinion, students should choose to travel overseas to study since they can expand their general knowledge and contact list. This would be very helpful for their future. Learning to be independent is important for everyone. No one can depend on others forever.

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