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A practitioner enquiry is a process in which teachers, tutors, lecturers and other education stakeholders reflect on their own institutional practices in order to produce assessable reports and artifacts which are submitted for academic credits leading to awarding of degrees or diplomas of nationally recognized bodies Murray (1992). A practitioner enquiry differs from a research because its main concern is to address the educational practitioner’s daily experience. According to Murray (1992) it is more about the educational practices rather than just theories. Some of these practices include inclusive education. The diversity of students in the education sector has become more and more evident over the years. The main function of education is to ensure that every student gain knowledge, skills and information that will help them serve their communities better and help them fit into their work places. Students are quite diverse and there is need to address this diversity. One of the ways to address this diversity is through inclusive education. Inclusive education is an educational approach and viewpoint that provides all students with great opportunities for academic and social achievement Riddel & Weedon (2010). It also provides students with community connection. Inclusive education makes sure that every student’s individual needs and learning styles are respected and catered for fully. Inclusive education is not based on the classroom curriculum or academic expectations but simply augments education for all the students regardless of their characteristic Ainscow (1999). At the end of the day every learner uses education differently and therefore they should be given education and they will utilize it however they see fit. Current research shows that inclusion does not affect or slow down the learning of students without special needs where the class is all inclusive (Ainscow, 2010). Ainscow also clear that isolating students with special needs does not help them in attaining their full potential instead it limits their chances of ever attaining their best. Current research also indicates that inclusion is the number one approach and it comprises a crucial international policy that promotes the rights of the disabled children to get their education together with their peers (Riddle & Weedon, 2010). Although this is a rather new policy, it has been used for a long time under a different definition. Education has not been offered equally especially with the children with disability. This policy therefore challenges the way education system are responsible for social inequalities with regards to different groups of students based on abilities, characteristics, socio economic circumstances and developmental path. The guiding principle is equality and social justice in education. Ainscow (2010) According to Riddle & Weedon (2010) children without special needs equally benefit from an inclusive classroom. They get to learn about the needs of others in an inclusive classroom and some of the benefits they get are: social skills, comfort level with people with special needs, friendship and personal principle. Sometimes parents and educators compare inclusion as mainstreaming but it is important to note that they are not the same. In mainstreaming, special needs children are placed in a regular classroom but their needs are not prioritized or in cooperated in the normal classroom curriculum. It is important to differentiate the two. According to (Riddle & Weedon, 2010) The Scottish legislation states that children and young people should be propped up to join mainstream classes alongside their peers. The educators should consider these children in the mainstream classes when making their lesson plans and evaluation. According to Florian & Black (2011) teachers make decisions and take action to respond to the learning of...
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