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Facebook over Twitter

Technology has evolved a lot during the twenty-first century. The internet has become a world-wide experience that everyone can have, not a privilege for some. As the internet expanded, social networks began making their appearance. Facebook was created quite recently, in 2004 by the computer genius Mark Zuckerberg. Twitter, another well-known social network, was launched in 2006 by Jack Dorsey. More and more people are becoming members and joining the world of social networks every day.

We believe that Facebook is a more complete social network in every aspect.

To begin with, Facebook offers more security than Twitter. On Twitter, everyone is able to see what a member has posted, even if they have not joined Twitter. The members’ information is available to anyone who views their profile and the pictures that the members upload are visible as well. On Facebook, a person has to have an account in order to view some public information and even then, they must have befriended the person whose information they wish to access. The photos and posts a member uploads are only visible to their friends, unless they choose otherwise. The users’ info is only available to their Facebook friends and cannot be viewed by others.

Moreover, Facebook is more organized. Photos, statuses, relationship changes etc, they all have a separate file. A user only has to click on the file called “photos” in order to view the photos that another member has uploaded. On Twitter, someone who wishes to view a photo will have to scroll down in order to find the specific “tweet” the image was uploaded with. Same goes for finding a certain “tweet”.

In addition, Facebook offers some services that Twitter does not. For example, Twitter does not have a private messaging option. That means that two users who wish to communicate have to do so using “tweets”, something that everyone else can see. Twitter also lacks options that...
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