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Katelyn Matlock
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Mi Bello Ecuador
Ciao soy de Ecuador, y estoy muy emocionada de compartir mi país favorito con ustedes! Which means, hello from Ecuador! I am so excited to share with my favorite country with you!
Ecuador is not only a beautifully diverse country, it is also a culturally diverse country. Ecuador geographically is located in South America, with neighboring countries of Columbia and Peru and the majestic Pacific Ocean. Ecuador is a highly mountainous countries with some of the tallest mountains and rocky terrains. The country is also known to have a tropical side with the Galapagos Islands in the Pacific west. On top of all the different geographical phenomenons in Ecuador, the country is home to one of the World’s most “active volcanoes,” according to Michigan State University. Environmental threats in Ecuador include volcanoes, tsunamis and earthquakes. These things can tamper with flights too and from Ecuador and transportation. Ecuador has a population of approximately 16,032,300 and is still growing. The capital of Ecuador, Quito, is home to more than 1.5 million and increasing steadily. The country's largest city is Guayaquil.

Along with all of the mountains and islands, Ecuador is located directly on the equator. Ecuador has two seasons, dry and wet. The country is very different from the United States in that Ecuador’s season is based of their agriculture. Depending on what crops or exports that are being grown and shipped, depends on what the rain cycle is like in Ecuador. Wet season is typically from September to March, and dry season is typically from April to August. With little alteration, the temperature in Ecuador is 78 degrees at the high for the day and 60s at dusk and dawn.

Agriculture is the main sector of Ecuador’s economy. Ecuador’s main crops that are exported are beans, rice, bananas, barley, maize and sugar. Even though Ecuador’s main economic activity is due to agriculture, only 11% of the land is arable, meaning able to grow and raise crops and 18% is permanent pasture for livestock or wheat growing purposes. Ecuador is the world’s leader in banana exports. For awhile, Ecuador was big in the oil business until oil prices significantly decreased and put Ecuador into a state of emergency in 1982. Eventually due to the economically depressed country, Ecuador left OPEC or Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries. Ecuador is dependent on oil and only has a few investors therefore their economy is weaker than it could be. Since the first oil discoveries in the country, it has been praised as the engine of Ecuador’s economic growth during price booms and blamed as a hindrance during busts. Oil rents have nurtured horizontal redistributive policies together with regressive consumption subsidies, as well as much-needed public investment. The two biggest countries that Ecuador exports to is the United States and China. Fun Fact about Ecuador: The United States imports 88% of their flowers from Ecuador.

Ecuador is known as a developing country, meaning unlike the United States of America, Ecuador is financially, agriculturally and technologically behind the leading countries, but it is being built up over the years. Economically, the cost of living in Ecuador is significantly cheaper and is 16th in the world as far as being one of the cheapest countries to live in according to travel blogs. One downside to living or going to Ecuador is taxes/tariffs on goods that are comparably higher than the Unites States. Living in Ecuador is significantly different for one that there is no air condition in the houses or apartments in Ecuador because of the constant temperature outside. But, Ecuador uses the United States currency status, as in they use our paper and coin money. In August of 2014, Ecuador released the announcement that they were in the process of moving to electronic banking. The new currency was approved at Ecuador’s...
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