ECT122 W1 ILab 2

Topics: Electric current, Semiconductor, Electric charge Pages: 4 (302 words) Published: January 21, 2015
ECT 122 Week 1 iLab #2 Part 1

1. Calculate the conductance of the following resistors:
Note: don’t forget the units!

108,342,000 Ω
10 kΩ
2.2 kΩ

2. Calculate the resistance of a circuit that has the following conductance of. Note: don’t forget the units!

25 mS
235 nS
50 S

3. Describe a Conductor.

A conductor is made of materials that have little opposition to the flow of charge. A conductor is made of metals like copper, silver, aluminum or gold. These types of metals allows for the easy flow of electrons. Wires are made of these materials.

4. Give two examples of Insulators.

An example of an insulator is rubber like those surrounding an electrical cord. Another insulator is plastic.

5. What is a Semiconductor and give an example?
Semiconductors carry electrons through them under certain conditions. An example is silicon. Part 2

1. Using the Internet, search for a schematic symbol for a dc battery and paste it below or draw the symbol for a battery and label its terminals.

2. What is the difference between a battery and a power supply?

A battery is a component that converts chemical, thermal or light energy into electrical charge. A power supply is a piece of equipment with dc outputs that can be adjusted to provide any voltage within its supply limits.

3. Use Multisim to create a schematic containing the following components.

10 V battery
DC ground
1kΩ resistor
SPST switch
Normally open push button

Copy and paste the schematic below.

To copy the Multisim schematic, right click on the Multisim work area. Use CTRL-A to select the schematic and then CTRL-C to copy the schematic to the clipboard. Paste the schematic below with CTRL-V.
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